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Redtone Records was created to promote roots & traditional music. We are based in East Palo Alto, CA and aim to have both a local and a global impact. 

We want our music to evoke in the listener a longing to reconnect with our roots, to preserve cultural traditions, to reclaim elements of our humanity and spirituality that are being lost in the modern world, to care for our planet, to rebuild community, to seek justice & healing...

In the Bay Area, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find high-quality live, roots & traditional music. We are helping to build and finance a local music scene, and are fortunate enough to be part of an incredible network of artists and musicians. We work with venues, festivals, and community event coordinators to book artists within our circle, in some cases helping to plan festivals and events ourselves. We subsidize performances to ensure that we can compensate artists fairly when venues are unable to do so.

Additionally, we run a recording studio to produce the same music we promote. Blues, reggae, afrobeat, and traditional Congolese are current examples, with more styles and genres to be added. We provide studio time, production, mixing and mastering all free-of-charge to the artists we produce. Through studio production, our goal is to have an impact beyond our local music scene.

Redtone Records is a nonprofit organization. We receive tax deductible donations, in addition to other revenue streams, that support the production and promotion of the music scene were are building. We are eager to connect with more people who love the music we love and want to help keep it alive and growing. If you'd like to be a part of this work, please check out our Patreon page.

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