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About Us


Redtone Records was created to promote roots & traditional music. From our studio in East Palo Alto, CA, we aim to have both a local and a global impact. As we launch, we are helping to revive and finance a live music scene that is vanishing throughout the Bay Area. At the same time, we are producing blues, reggae, Afrobeat, traditional Congolese music, and other related styles.


We believe music should connect us with the roots of our humanity & spirituality, preserve cultural traditions, build community, and advance justice & healing. We are a nonprofit organization similar to a music preservation society. Our funding supports the artists and the musical culture we seek to advance, while we produce music that addresses social and environmental crises impacting our world. We are eager to connect with more people who love the music we love, and who believe in the importance of preserving roots and culture. 

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Our first single will be available Oct. 26, 2019.

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