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About Us

Redtone Records was created to preserve and strengthen Arts, Culture and Community. Since launching in Oct. 2019, we have been helping to revive and finance a live music scene that has been vanishing throughout the Bay Area. While Covid has impacted our ability to promote concerts and live events, we are still active in the studio producing blues, reggae, Americana, Afrobeat, traditional Congolese music, and other related styles.

We believe music should connect us with the roots of our humanity & spirituality, preserve cultural traditions, build community, and advance justice & healing. We are a nonprofit organization whose funding supports live performances by artists and bands who represent the musical culture we seek to promote. It also supports our studio where we record these artists and create our signature sound with a blend of vintage gear and modern technology. We are eager to connect with more people who love the music we love, and who believe in the importance of preserving roots and culture.

"Redtone" is a term we coined to describe the gritty sound achieved by overdriving audio signals on vintage recording equipment. Pushing the volume into the red creates a unique tonal quality and feel that can only be achieved with analog circuitry. That sound is a connection to the musical roots that have shaped us. It's an organic sound, a contrast to the purely digital, auto-tuned, commercial feel of so much current music. The red also symbolizes the musical bloodline we aim to honor and preserve.